Your Complete Appraisal Service Company

Aces Appraisals is a full service appraisal management company dedicated to and focusing on real estate valuations mainly for Lenders and Bankers in the State of California with affiliates in Arizona and Nevada.  Aces Appraisals has been operating as an appraisal company for the past five years, training and developing competent professional appraisers, and providing a full range of real estate appraisal services.

A New Idea

Aces Appraisals is a new concept in the industry, as it is owned and operated locally by certified appraisers, offering all the full services of customer service, timely response and quality products to its clientele.  In light of all the reduction of the mortgage brokers and the new appraisal guidelines from FNMA and FHLMC, many of the new guidelines focus on maintaining the independence of appraisers. These challenges and guidelines are met by our company to ensure a smooth and harmonious transition to the new criteria.

Areas of Business

Aces Appraisals, provides three main service lines, allowing clients of all sizes to maximize their productivity: Real Estate Appraisals (residential and commercial), Real Estate AVM and collateral experts also used in our quality control, and Real Estate property value analysis for mortgage brokers and Realtors.

Our goal is to establish the competence, professionalism and the quality standards for appraisals and appraisers to market the best possible quality in a timely manner to all our valued clients.


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We Cover All Your Needs

We aim to fulfill your needs first so you do not have to worry about the appraisal process holding up the deal.

ACES has enough appraisers to cover your territory and to complete all your appraisals in a timely manner. ACES does the best research which leads to the most accurate appraisals and the highest quality reports.

ACES partners with Platinum Data to provide AVM's superior BPO technology, collateral expert reports and other automated valuations to meet all your goals. Visit them at